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Comment nettoyer un sac en toile de jute ?

Unfortunately, you've accidentally stained your jute tote bag and you're looking for a way to clean it without damaging the fabric? We understand, it's as beautiful as it is delicate.
Although known for its durability, it still requires your utmost care.

In this article, you'll learn how to clean a jute tote bag in a safe and effective manner.
La French Marley even provides tips for maintaining a jute tote bag to keep it as long as possible... We'll tell you everything!

In this article, you'll learn more about:

1- Opt for hand washing

Jute fabric is robust but delicate. With friction, fibers can be damaged, and your bag could lose its aesthetic appeal. To remove dirt, we suggest avoiding the washing machine and opting for hand washing. Ideally, dampen a sponge and gently try to dissolve the stain by dabbing it.

2- Wash your bag with cold water

Jute has the peculiarity of being able to deform, especially when wet. Since this fabric is sensitive to temperature variations, you'll need to opt for cold cleaning. Warm or hot water could cause the fabric to shrink. If you want to soak your bag in soapy water, make sure not to exceed 5 minutes of soaking time. Indeed, water accelerates fiber deterioration.

3- Choose a mild detergent to clean a jute tote bag

If plain water washing isn't sufficient for stubborn stains, use a very mild detergent. Be careful not to choose a detergent with bleaching agents, as they could alter the color of your bag. Some products are specially designed for delicate fabrics. Choose one of them and follow the instructions for use. Finish by rinsing your bag reasonably.

4- Avoid wringing

As indicated in the previous steps, it's best to avoid cleaning a jute tote bag in the machine. You might be tempted to only use a spin cycle to remove as much water as possible. However, we advise against it! Wringing tends to damage the most delicate textiles.

5- Dry the bag

What type of drying should you choose?

This is a very important step! Indeed, how you dry your jute tote bag will determine its shape once the water has evaporated. Don't just let it dry however. In summer, you can hang it in direct sunlight. If you don't have a clothesline, the rungs of two chairs will do! However, if the weather conditions aren't suitable for outdoor drying, we recommend laying your jute tote bag flat between two towels. After a certain time, if they become too wet, you can replace them with new ones.

Can you use a dryer for a jute tote bag?

No, the dryer tends to degrade delicate textiles. It's totally prohibited for jute fabric.
If using it on an appropriate program won't necessarily damage your bag instantly, repeated use of this method can prematurely deteriorate its appearance.

Can you iron a jute tote bag?

Yes! And you should do it before it's completely dry. When the bag is still slightly damp, you can iron it to remove any wrinkles. For extra precautions, it's preferable to place a cotton towel between the jute fabric and the iron. This way, the back and forth movements of the iron and the steam will be less aggressive on the fibers.
Maintaining a jute tote bag: our final tips

Deodorizing jute

This material tends to easily absorb odors. Air out your bag for a long time, and you'll be rid of most of these nuisances. However, if a bad odor persists, you can opt for baking soda. Effective and economical, it has many advantages. Simply sprinkle generously on your bag and leave it on for at least one night. The odors will be neutralized, and you can then shake it to remove the baking soda.

Softening a jute tote bag

If you find that your bag is stiff, you can soften it. However, you'll still need to wait for it to dry before washing it, and you can immerse it in cold water (see washing step), to which you have added white vinegar. The equivalent of a coffee cup is sufficient; due to the acidity, use it sparingly!

Preventing jute from fraying

On some jute items, you may notice that over time, the fibers can be damaged. The fabric frays and weakens. To prevent this, you can lacquer the jute fabric, and the textile fibers will be better maintained.

Removing a stubborn stain

If you've followed our advice scrupulously, but stains persist, you may be tempted to use a stronger product like ammonia. But before resorting to this method, we recommend trying a grandmother's trick to remove stains from fabric: putting your bag in the sun! Indeed, it's a very effective stain remover that often tackles the most stubborn stains. A direct exposure during a day ensures very good results. However, the sun can fade the brightest colors, so be careful not to overuse its rays.

Concealing a stain on a jute tote bag

The ultimate trick, the last resort. You've tried everything in vain. At La French Marley, we specialize in customizing jute fabric, so we couldn't finish this article without suggesting that you add a motif or phrase over a stain. A second life for your bag while giving it a new look.

Now, you have all the tools to clean a jute tote bag! At La French Marley, we advocate trying as many natural tricks as possible, drawn from the best grandmother's recipes to take care of your handbag without harming the planet. And if the environment is a cause you care about, you'll surely be convinced by our article on the ecological interest of using jute fabric in fashion.
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